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[non-permissible content removed] logo 9/1/2015 J.r.

They say first impressions are everything; wrong don't let this lemon fool you! I liked the look features air ride and everything. We have three kids and needed to expand. It caught my eye on a used lot for a week before I looked. I took my family down (after reading aND knowing many electornic issues off the bat. If you have ever owned a Cadillac buick or a gm that has electectronically controlled EVERYTHING knows what I mean, and I am a die hard Gm guy, don't get me wrong so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. Took it for a ride turned out of the dealer made nasty sound from steering and cv joints Which were visibly sealed and OK looking, I came to the stop li b he and major four way intersection the light wenot green I hit the gas , and the transmission slipped so bad in first it made the vehicle stall. I subsequently started it back up continued down the road to the next light when the dash lights bEgan dimming and beeping at me. The light went green I hit the gas it s.lipped from first to second then shredded a serpentine belt in traffic was my entire family. I limped back With an 1/8 in of belt width on the pulley parked it and realized every bad thing I heard about the vehicle just happen we do including the service stability system because the compressor for rear air bags wasn't working. I then looked at a cross over kia rondo with a third row seat drove ito and bought it the next day it's the best car I've owned. For 2k less than the building know this kind walks all over this buick all day long. WORD OF ADVICE, DO NOT BUY OR EVERYTHING CONSIDER A BUICK TERRAZA or you will have it in the shop once a month with every shop unable to find or fix source of electronic issues. Don't let options fool you. BTW this van only had 79,000 MI on it. LEMON

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