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Not a Country Car logo 7/18/2015 Doug T.

We had driven Ford Explorers for many years and thought we would give the Terrain a try partly due to it's touted fuel mileage. As we live on a ranch and drive under different road conditions depending on the time of the year, we purchased the AWD. It was a bad decision. The mileage advertised at the time was 32 mpg and we were lucky to get 25 mpg under the best of conditions. The transmission was so high geared that we had to manually put it in low and ride the brakes on steep grades. The overall workmanship interior/exterior was poor, with plastics being major components throughout. The worst was the ground clearance, which was ridiculous for a so-called SUV. We encountered several damages by driving road good paved roads, when something would be thrown up from the tires and doing damage. The final straw was my wife hitting a jack rabbit at 50 mph, causing enough damage that the vehicle had to be towed and repair costs were $1,800.00. Owning it less than two years and with less than 45,000 miles on it, we traded it in for another make. I would recommend that you not buy this vehicle unless you live in town, don't care about gas mileage and just want to say you drive a SUV.

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