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Not a fun unit to drive logo 12/10/2016 Richard L Kosi

The Van will not stay in it's lane of travel..The unit pulls to the left into on coming traffic all the time...I have been fighting with Ram/Chrysler on this matter case #30715 and was told by Engineering I had To live with it. I have a new 2015 and and also had a chance to drive a new 2017 and it reacts the same way..( Pulls to the left) If you let go of steering wheel the Van stills pulls to the Left into oncoming traffic as I write this review (12/10/2016). Also the Advertising Brochure state 87.2 inches of cargo length from partition back this not true ..(see page 4 Area D Cargo Area Length...) BS Not there 82"...Drive the van and bring a tape measure... PS Van was also recalled 3 Times already. Not a happy camper...Van is for sale. Up date (06/10/2017) after 13,000 miles van still handles the same. Chrysler still has no fix for the problem. Van still pulls to the left when you let go of the steering wheel. The Van has also lost a hell of a lot of value on the market. Value for your $ Dollar is not there....Suggest you buy something else....Richard

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