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Not all SUV's are the same !!! logo 8/12/2015 Kids out of the house..

Its funny to read some of these reviews, some folks think because Outlander Sport is a SUV , it should be and do all things .. Not so .. I bought the 2.4 GT model . Why did I buy it ? I bought it for the following reasons .Good looking vehicle.Great price.Great warranty .Not too small and not too big.If you are like me , an empty nester and want a small realizable SUV , then take a look . This is NOT for folks with kids ( back seat too tight ) folks looking to tow stuff .. I mean a 2.0 or 2.4 liter engine and your trying to tow !!!! really ....This handles great for a 3000 pound vehicle , very good all wheel drive and good value for the price. If you want a decent small reliable SUV, yes do take a look , if your criteria is something else , then look for a different type of vehicle . Keep in mind that in 2015 , there are SUV's that are SUV's and there are SUV's that are to be used for , driving in the city/highway , seating in a high position , carrying groceries. These are not you dad's SUV. They are getting smaller , offering less cargo room and less passenger room , that is why they are called Sub-SUV , get it ...Hope this helped.

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