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Not bad... logo 7/29/2015 Daddy-O

I have a 2013 Dart Limited. Just turned 31,000 miles. I didn't buy it new so anything up to 28,000 miles, I know nothing about. But since I've had the car, it's been super reliable. Been in the shop for a couple things but nothing engine/transmission related. I do wish it had more power. It's hard to get it going sometimes especially if the A/C is on! The stereo is just so-so but I enjoy the touch screen ease. Bottom line, I probably wouldn't buy another one unless Dodge offered a better engine choice or a V6 option maybe.. I think it's a good car but I miss my Saturn Vue I traded in for it... P.S. the gas mileage is not very good!!! My 250HP V6 Saturn got way better mileage!

Average Rating : 4


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