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not fit for you! logo 8/18/2015 brian

this is a great car if you're a young teenager and this is your first car. however - cons:1. slow engine, loud engine; really sounds like it's trying to hard at higher speeds (60+)2. front seat REALLY is uncomfortable for an hour drive3. the side view camera is not needed in a small car and the video quality for the side view is blurry and not a clear picture.4. the push start is not needed (for a manual) as you have to press the clutch at the same time5. the volume control for the touchscreen is not efficient nor is there a mute button6. resale value IS NOT good. i tried to get a comparable trade one week after i bought this car and was offered $5K LESS!7. the fuel tank is small and i have to refill twice in a week for going over 315 miles8. the wipers only have hi, lo, and one setting for intermittent wiping?!pros:1. best looking wedge shaped car in the industry2. it's a honda (but really shouldn't be carrying the honda name); we'll see how long this lasts3. i like the tire rims and that the rear seats fold up creating a unique way to store things

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