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Not for long term use. logo 8/25/2015 Erica.

I bought my 2011 Cruze LT in early 2012 with about 18,xxx miles. I was so excited and it was my first car purchase on my own. I was in nursing school and commuting an hour each way to clinical sites and needed something that would sip gas. That it DID. I averaged 36 MPG at its newer years and LOVED that aspect. It was a great commuter car for that as it has large windows and I felt as though I sat up decently high to get a get view for merging and being in and out of traffic. Never a blind spot. It parks easily and turns on a dime to squeeze into tight spaces. Everything is very in-sync with those aspects. When it comes to overall car quality... Less can be praised. Within 8 months of purchase I replaced my FIRST water pump. Within 64 days I was replacing my second, blaming the failure on the initial repair. All the while I was borrowing cars and hitching rides because Chevy has altogether quit handing out loaners even when the repairs are obviously their fault (they probably can't keep up with loaner demand anymore). Again within 6 months the car is overheating again and another water pump. It is now 2015 and I just replaced my EIGHTH water pump. CHEVY YOU HAVE LOST ME FOREVER. It has had a new water pump every 10,000 miles. I can name about 10,000 things that lasted longer than 10,000 miles and my Chevy Cruze is not one of them. I'm sure wagon wheels lasted longer than that and yet Chevy can't figure out water pumps...If I ever come into money I'm going to videotape myself shoving this car off of a cliff somewhere very beautiful and send the video into Chevy for their next advertisement. Because no, you're not going to want to drive your Cruze around a pretty city night scene, you're going to be doing what I want to do. So let's get real and advertise it as such. "This is you in 4 years happily pushing your well maintained and STILL FINANCED vehicle off of a cliff out of anger because we are too cheap to put in parts that will last!"This is like one of those $5 Amazon purchases you make from China where you think to yourself. "This might electrocute me but let's try it!" But waaaaaay more expensive and waaaaay more aggravating. My eighth water pump issue brought me to having to wake up 2 hours early on a Monday, which already sucks, to take my car in and to be dropped off at work like some hobo. Thanks Chevy. Im now onto my second car purchase and staying far far away from Chevy lots.

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