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Not good logo 8/18/2015 04subieSD

Okay let start off with I had a 2004 WRX. I love it and I would of still kept it if I didn't total it. Unfortunately [non-permissible content removed].Went to purchase a 2015 Wrx I saw a lot of reviews and felt I made my research. Unfortunately I didn't do it correctly I'm guess. At 300miles the check engine with the cruise control came on flashing, and while at a stop light (being in nutral) the case get it was going to stall. Took it in "they got it fix". Around 2,000 miles or so it did the same thing not only the check engine and cruise control came back on and the ABS and the hill assists and the rough idling kept on happening. Took it in they kept it for an entire month. Got it back and when turning on the car there's a very loud gear grinding sound coming for the engine bay (while in nutral). Took it in for the 3rd time they said its normal and all the new WRX make the same noise. WRONG!!!! It doesn't. I honestly wouldn't recommend this model to anyone. Buy a 2014 your better off. I've never thought subaru wouldn't stand behind their product. This car is garbage get something else a GTI your better off or a lancer

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