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Not Happy at all! logo 5/8/2015 bigal357

This truck is not what I thought it was! I bought it new in Texas and the gas mileage has been the worst since I had it. It burns a lot on the highway and it does not pull my little 5x8 trailer well at all. I can almost see the gas gauge move on the highway. Oh, but don't let me turn the AC on, it's really a problem then. It does not have any pick up or passing speed at all. When I press the accelerator, it barely moves until I press down hard, then it opens up like the pedal is stuck. Someone said that the AFM could be the problem, but guess what...the warranty is expired! Also, the seat is not adjustable to go up and down. I do need a truck but this one is a problem. Any suggestions?

Favorite Feature :

Suggested Improvement : 1.Improve the gas mileage so that people what get stuck with a gas guzzler! 2.Make the seats adjustable to go up and down. 3. Acceleration is poor!

Average Rating : 2.5


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