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Not Happy with this SUV logo 6/3/2015 newbuyer101

I bought this SUV thinking I am getting a good deal but I am not happy with what I got. I paid extra for the Navigation package and I assumed it would be touch screen. I mean why would any car manufacturer make in dash system which is not touch screen in this day and age. It sucks to enter a phone number using the inbuilt dial. The entire system is so cumbersome. It seems AUDI has really skimped on this model. No way to fold side mirrors and no homelink either. I am not sure what else is this model missing but I very skeptical about what AUDI had put in this model. I will most likely trade in this vehicle for something else. This is my first and last Audi.

Favorite Feature : Rain sense wipers

Suggested Improvement : Make the in dash system touch screen and stop skimping on your luxury brand.

Average Rating : 2.375


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