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Not happy logo 7/13/2015 Chris

Where to begin. First, for my first mini-van, this is a true let down. On the on set, i was really impressed with the roomy interior, seats, and the power rear doors and hatch. But the let down and buyers remorse quickly came after. First, the positive. This van has a lot of power, surprisingly so. If you want it to move, it will. The van is pretty spacious, so no complaints there. The seats don't collapse into the floor, at least not my model year. Visibility out the windows is good too. Comfort is ok, not too great and not too poor. Now, areas where I am not happy. First, the van said it has seat warmers. Let me begin by saying this was sold to me as seat heaters, and as the upper model, not base, I took it at face value. We didn't test it prior to buying so I take that on me, but let me tell you, they are not seat heaters. The dealer replaced them as they didn't seem to work. they even got kia corporate involved. At the end, I was told they are just warmers, not heaters, and thus, they don't do either. It feels maybe a tad warm, and then its done. So that was a disappointment. Technology in this is out dated, but I knew that obviously buying it. What I did not realize is the bluetooth is very touch and go, and works when it wants to. I have tried different phones, brands, and operating systems, Android and iOS, doesn't matter, it behaves the same, and dealer response is we don't fine anything wrong. Next is fuel mileage. This is perhaps the biggest let down. My wife drives this van, and drives it like grandma, and this van, in the city, empty - no cargo or passengers, maybe gets 15 MPG. On highway, 19 or 20. Never have I got anywhere near EPA sticker. Ever. And that is driving it like Ms. Daisy. Currently the locking mechanism had to be replaced as it wasn't locking properly, and the dealer took care of it. Another issue was the rear windshield wiper, right after purchase, the rubber separated and scratched the rear window badly. They had to replace both the rear glass and the rear windshield wiper. Now, out of nowhere, inside the van a new issue has emerged and the dealer doesn't want to take care of it. Lets see what happens as Kia corporate doesn't seem interested in helping either. This is the first issue where they don't seem interested in helping. But from my perspective, this van has been a true disappointment, and a let down. If i could go back, I would not purchase it. Too many issues, and currently my odometer is sitting at 10,000 miles and have had the van just over a year. Another thought, is resale value. All cars loose value, but Kia seems to be like a boulder dropped in the ocean...the value drops that fast.

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