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Not happy logo 9/6/2015 Jim Smith

Number of things that bother me.1. front door handles will pinch the fire out of your fingers if you are not careful.2. after 600 miles the car only gets 18.2 mpg in Dallas traffic. 8 miles below what they say it should get.3. not much of a pickup4. wheel base porpoises a lot.UPDATE ON 3/8/2016 - MPG is still crappy for this type of vehicle , plus what is reported by BMW. Front door handles are poorly designed. Will really pinch you, if not careful. Now have about 1700 miles on automobile. Would not buy one again.Just had interesting experience on this vehicle on 6/25/16. Had nail in left rear tire, and it could not repaired. Found out that there are 3 run flat tires which cannot be repaired and you have to buy a new one. The BMW X1 uses Pirelli, and that is one of the 3. Be sure, before you buy, to find if your run flats can be repaired. Very important.Update on 6/28/17 - still not happy with gas mileage, as advertised. yesterday, it 17.2 for a tank of gasoline.

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