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Not Happy logo 6/11/2017 Larry M. Fierstine

I purchased a 2017 Buick Lacrosse Essence in Dec. 2016. The vehicle has 1550 mi., and has been in the shop twice for wind noise and rattles. The first time the car was in the shop for a recall, I mentioned the wind noise and rattles, the car was in overnight, a part was needed to fix the wind noise, a week later the part came in, had it installed , did not fix the problem, the car stay for an entire week. The jury is still out on the wind noise, but still has rattles. A plastic water bottle in the cup holder rattles. I don't want to have the car constantly in the shop, so I am driving it as is, and will address rattles at the next recall. Design flaws , my wife(5'4") and I(6') can not get in or out without bumping our heads, roomy luxury! The pass thru is worthless, nothing can safely be retrieved from it unless you stop and crawl into the car to get what you want. The arm rest on the center counsel is to short and does not slide forward for comfort. The cubbies in the doors are horrible, your can not get sunglasses out because the decorative plastic won't allow access to retrieve them from the cubby without again stopping and reaching with your other hand to get the sunglasses. The rear window comes so far back that if interferes with the access to the trunk. Do not try to load a normal set of luggage. I noticed in your article you used one medium bag for the pictures. One of the rear seat releases came loose, I was asked by the dealer if I had overloaded the trunk, I replied it is for cargo? To say we are unhappy is an understatement. We expected more for our $45,000 purchase. Never again, Larry M. Fierstine

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