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Not it's big sister! logo 7/10/2016 Susan Sarnoski

I suppose if you never owned a Santa Fe, this will impress, however I had owned the 2007 model and decided to "update", man what a mistake! The seats in the 2016 Sport are like sitting on concrete (I needed to add supplemental cushioning). The accelerator is now fixed to the undercarriage at the base which makes pushing down on the gas pedal physically painful in one's lower back, you have to push down really hard especially if you have small feet! I find the interior components cheap and a much lower grade than the 2007 model, the carpeting is thin, and there is a great deal of plastic. Moving the 2nd row seating with the cheap handle they now placed on the side of the seat is annoying, the prior model moved much easier and was located at the top of the seat; now that it's on the side you can scratch your leg on it if you're getting out of the back seat. The rear view mirrors are much smaller which doesn't give you a great view. And lastly the pick up is .. well let's just say I feel as if I could run faster. It lugs when you attempt to accelerate, it's just not as quick as its big sister. I am looking to get rid of it. Gas mileage is good, interior room is good, and unfortunately for smokers there's no ashtray. They reconfigured the center front console and it does not seem to have as much room, so not happy with the downgrade there either. For general run around local I give it a 7, for highway it is very light and I have had to hold onto the steering wheel with 2 death grip hands even in light winds when I felt considerable sway. Don't attempt to just open the 2 rear windows without opening the front, if you do the noise will be deafening, the vibration is akin to being sent into space! Overall compared to the 2007, its a 1.

Average Rating : 3


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