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Not My First Choice But the Better Choice! logo 7/8/2016 B Hudson

In March 2016, I purchased a damn 2008 Scion tC w/5 speed manual transmission. I do not think highly of the dealership I purchased it from but the car has been a great decision so far. I was not comfortable making yet another purchase on a car over 100k miles. The vehicle had 122k when I purchased it and now it is at 128k. I am surprised the car is in almost flawless condition. The body is in mostly good shape. I can tell the previous owner was not the best driver based on a few dings around the body. The rear bumper clear coat is completely gone. I am estimating that I will have to repaint the rear bumper. The car has been in Florida its entire life and I can tell the vehicle has never been waxed...ever. Dangerous never to wax here. I know Toyota and Honda have questionable paint qualities but waxing it once in a while will help! Since I have owned the vehicle I have flushed the radiator, changed the thermostat (no leaking, no overheating), two oil changes, new tires, new brakes and rotors, throttle cleaning. I plan on replacing the spark plugs soon. The only major mechanical issue with the car occurred a few weeks ago after I performed my brake change. The vehicle lost all oil. After running a check, the oil valve cover casket went out. It does not appear to be a common problem based on what I am told but it does happen. I am estimating I does am right at 30 miles per gallon on fuel, higher than EPA Estimates. I am not thrilled with the acceleration of the vehicle but it gets the job done. The manual transmission is easy to operate, mostly smooth shifting. Because of the electronic throttles they use in cars now, there is a slight lag on second gear, be prepared for it if you leave the car off for hours and start driving. The sound system is great, I wish the car had Satillite Radio which may end up installing myself. Except for the basic maintenance I just mentioned, the vehicle has required little maintenance! I would recommend using HID headlights instead of the factory headlights. The factory lights have a limited range. Expect to fill up with $30. Do not expect a racing machine from the tC but it is a fun car to drive, comfortable, not cramped for a two door. I would never bother driving the 4 speed automatic version of this car as it would be boring and full of problems. Stick with the manual, be gentle on it and it will be reliable for a long time.

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