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not perfect but i love it anyway logo 6/18/2016 bennette

Bought my 2008 used with 101200 miles on it in February 0f 2016. Had prepurchase inspection done at a lexus dealership. On the way home both head lights went out. Shortly there after i noticed that whenever i was stopped the car would idle very roughly. Took the car to the lexus dearership where they kept it for four days and could not solve the problem. I have tan interior and allthough it's beautiful to look at it is hard to keep clean my drivers side door shows a lot of wear. Believe it or not I still i love my LS, the excelleration is awesome the gas mileage is awesome and i look forward to years of reliabilty. No car is perfect but this one is REAL close. Will up date has the years pass. It's now December of 2017 and I have 143,600 miles on my LS, have not had any problems at all (knock on wood). Just had a transmission flush and an oil change. The car runs great, as good as most new cars the gas mileage is great for such a big car as well. I am VERY happy with this vehicle and would buy another Lexus in a heart beat.

Average Rating : 4


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