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Not so great logo 8/3/2015 Jenny

Our family has leased a new Honda Pilot every 3 years since 2003.Our current lease is up and we went to get a new Pilot. Needless to say, we did not like the redesigned Pilot. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of improvements to the new Pilot, but the overall style is more of a minivan than an SUV. The quality of materials is significantly better than our current 2012 Pilot and we like the captain chairs. The one button to move the middle seats is very easy and the camera in the passenger side mirror is very cool! The ventilated front seats are comfortable. What we did not care for is the minivan style flip down arm rests on the front seats and touch screen audio system. You can see every finger print on the screen. Our Acura also has the touch screen audio and the fingerprints never go away. It drives me crazy! The touch screen is bit more labor intensive to change the station or volume, so you will be more distracted from the road and traffic. There are controls on the steering wheel for some functions though. Our Acura also has push button start and both my husband and I would prefer an actual key. It is very easy to leave the car running, especially how quiet cars are today. The push button transmission selector is in a really bad location. I have visions of a beverage mishap and a very expensive repair to follow. Why the transmission selector is electronic and not mechanical is also a concern. The visibility is very good from the driver’s seat and the ride is awesome. The engine start-stop is something I would have to get used to, although. I really don’t see the saving as the mpg is rated the same as what we get in our 2012 Pilot. The steering and handling on the new Pilot is a huge disappointment. The steering is weak with a weird bottom heavy feel and it is slow to respond. The steering does not feel substantial enough to handle a vehicle of that size and weight. Needless to say it is very unnatural and not something I would want to deal with every day. The new Pilot has significant body roll on right hand turns, but seemed to be Ok turning left. If you take your turns at a snail’s pace, it might not roll as much. I am also not fond of the exterior styling. It screams “Me To” as it looks like an expanded CRV. We have been driving Honda’s and Acura’s for a very long time and have been satisfied and loyal customers, we are now looking at other manufacturers for our next SUV.

Average Rating : 2


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