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Not So Ultimate Altima! logo 8/5/2015 Vincent

This vehicle broke down two days out of the dealership with on 175 miles on it. Apparently there was a faulty sensor issue. The mpg meter will not register but, at last I could see it's estimates I was getting about 1-12 mpg. I then started smelling antifreeze leaking but the dealer could not find the leak. It was the top rail of the radiator seeping and, I had to pay twice to replace it out of warranty. The turning radius is very poor and, you cannot see the steering wheels controls at night. During the day you cannot see the Bose radio controls about high noon as the sun prevents it. I've replaced both steering arms, rear bearings, fixed a leak at the firewall causing water to come into the passenger side floor and, replaced the struts all this was around 90,000 miles. My car now is shutting off at will with codes P1283, PO726, PO797 and, the transmission will not go into fifth gear though serviced at 30,000 intervals. I am now at 127,000 miles and just replaced leaking defective valve covers(causing the oil to reach the plugs) $600.00. I just tuned it up and replaced the fuel injectors $786.00, just replaced the crank & cam shaft sensors, fuel air ratio valve, mass air flow sensor,(2) o2 sensors, all the ignition coils pack $1,400.00 and, I still have not got the car running as as stated it shuts off at will. I will NEVER own another Nissan as when they started making them in the USA, something is definitely wrong. They were excellent cars when made in Japan as I was with them since they were Datsuns.

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