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Not too satisfied, problem at low mileage logo 7/8/2016 Homer

We bought this mini van 2011 brand new and it was running good at first and when it reach 15,000 miles the problem started on steering and creaking noise on front right of the vehicle everytime it turns and third problem the battery only last for almost 3 years and needed to be replaced right away. Dealership ended up fixing the problem for us due to the car is still under warranty. Its unbelievable that on 15,000 miles you can hear this noise problem on your steering to think that we dont use our van on long driving just city driving and we take care of our vehicles very well and especially when it comes with the maintenance. And when it reached 30,000 miles the same problem came back again (steering noise) and it sucks because our vehicle is no longer under warranty and I can imagine how much money you gonna pay if you will fix that at the honda dealership. Now It makes me compare on the vehicles we have, we own 2007 4runner sport with a 107,000 miles on it and until now we never experienced any problem with that car especially the steering problem, no major issues, just need to change tires and thats it. Its just makes me think if we still gonna buy honda cars in the future, probably not. I dont mind paying more if your vehicle is reliable all the time like my other vehicles. Base on our experience were not really satisfied on the vehicle that we got due to its problem at very low mileage, our van is 5 years old now at 30,000 miles ( low mileage ) and it makes me think if honda are still gona take care of our problem. Its just not good enough.

Average Rating : 3


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