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Not what I thought it would be. ... logo 8/17/2015 Daddy-O

First, I didn't buy new so I can't say anything prior but since I've owned it (3 months), it's been in the shop 5 times for strange popping noises in front end area. I've taken it to two different dealers and have gotten two different reasons why is doing it. But neither say it can be repaired. One says it's a design flaw, the other just doesn't know why. Bottom line, it's a great looking piece of junk. I wonder if it was really built by Yugo!UPDATE: Finally figured out what the noise was. The front brake caliper brackets were lose. They repaired that and that noise stopped. Both front doors had to be opened up and tightened to stop rattles. I just drove this car to Florida (From Illinois). Did well but the road noise was tremendous! So much it just about drove me mad! Still quite disappointed in this car. I wish I would have looked at the reviews before I took this home!!

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