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Not What I Was Expecting logo 7/7/2016 John OShaughnessy

Wasn't really shopping Honda and it was second to last on my list beating only Toyota (never). I shopped the coupe first. Although I am the primary driver of the vehicle and my seat position will never change it bothered me that none of the coupe models had power seats? Just odd? One more note to Honda on the seats, they could really use lower lumbar support! I purchased the sedan because it looked sporty enough and my kids fit in the back. I got a great deal and the price was right. Performance? I am an "mpg" fanatic so I keep the car in "Eco" mode most of the time and there is a noticeable turbo lag if you need to jump into or cut across traffic in a hurry. In a quick acceleration situation I highly suggest taking it out of Eco. The CVT transmission is something I need to get used to but I do not miss the bump of a automatic trans shift. Steering is a bit flat because you don't get a true feel of the car in turns. Safety is something I luckily have not had to test. I do feel like there is a bit of a blind spot in the drivers side mirror but this might be because I am used to driving full size pickups. Tech is okay. Nav is on your dime because it either uses google maps through Android Auto or Honda Link through your phones data. Phone USB port is in a weird place so I just leave the cord attached and there really is no good place to put your phone without it sliding in turns and stops (I put mine in the cup holder). BT connectivity has acted up twice but really no issues. Radio is okay with sound being a bit weak but I have not yet mastered the touch screen controls because I use it for commuting mostly. Reliability, no problems yet but it has only been a month. Value: I have not broken the car in yet but I am getting 32mpg in mixed driving and hoping for better. Warranty is the weakest point because 3/36 is not anything to brag about in a world of 6/60 and 10/100.

Average Rating : 5


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