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Not worth it logo 3/24/2015 standonit

I have been driving this Verano for 3 weeks. Thankfully, it is a company car. I would never buy it.Do not try to put adults in the rear seats. There is not enough leg room. The trunk lid does not open enough. I have to bend way over to keep from hitting my head on the trunk lid...OUCH!When I adjust the steering to a comfortable level, it blocks out the temperature and fuel gauge, and the top of the speedometer. Finally, this car likes fuel for a 4cyl engine. I am averaging 26-27mpg over a combination of interstate and rural US highways. Again, thankfully, this is a company car.

Favorite Feature : The front seats are comfortable. The back up camera and sound system are very good. I liked the forward collision warning.

Suggested Improvement : I am 6 foot tall. Too tall for this vehicle. Move the mirror indicators for side traffic closer to the door. These indicators are on the outer edge of peripheral vision. One has to take their eyes off road to use this feature. Poorly engineered safety feature.

Average Rating : 3.125


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