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Not Worth The Money logo 8/2/2015 Speed Fry

"Purchased my first Range Rover HSE 2015 ( six weeks old 3200 miles) and this Friday it goes into the shop for the 6th time. It could have been 40 times (electrical issues) but Land Rover does not have a fix for the Navigation Screen that completely shuts down (43 times and counting). Causing a total shut down of any feature you were using until it reboots. Worse off they knew about this issue and sold me the car without disclosing this. But I have several other electrical issues with this vehicle ( radio malfunction, phone issue, but scariest when my distronic did not activate), the list is longer but you get the point. Dont get me wrong, nicest driving car Ive ever owned, but for the price tag you could do so much better. Whats going to happen when this car is out of warranty, SCARY THOUGHT. Plus Land Rover Corporate is the worst company to deal with. The won't even acknowledge my issues or concerns. My dream car that I waited 45 years to buy, has turned into a nightmare. If your like me and can afford this vehicle... DON'T, get something that is reliable. Worst vehicle purchase of my life. Hope this helps. Your Friend The Honest Business Guy"

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