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Not worth the money logo 4/28/2016 Joe

My car is an A4 Quattro premium S-Line. It stickered just shy of the $50k mark. If I wasn't able to get a smoking deal on it I would have never bought it. Sure, it's pretty. Sure, people go "ooohhh, you have an Audi" but honestly, this car is nowhere near worth the price of entry. For $15k less you can get a fully loaded Passat with the 1.8t which is all anyone really needs. You will wind up with a much bigger, more comfortable car. With darn near the same build quality, and it will have everything a modern car should have. For example...Bluetooth streaming audio. The Audi doesn't have it until you pony up for the premium plus package. Which pushes you over that 50k mark. Another place the A4 falls woefully short is the back seat. If you have kids in booster seats, get ready to wrestle with seatbelts because the seat area is so narrow your booster WILL block the buckle. And we have the Diono Cambria which is a fairly narrow booster. Still blocks the buckle. Also, if anyone riding up front is over 6' tall, you will render that back seat virtually useless. My 4 year old complains about being squished behind me, I'm 6'3". We don't have the problem in our far less expensive, much more equipped Passat. Basically, if you are of average or lower stature, the A4 might be ok for you, as long as you're ok with paying a boatload of money for a car that has some seriously glaring omissions in the options department. If you want a well built German car that has everything in it and won't break the bank, go to VW and save some money.

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