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Not worth the trouble logo 9/10/2015 Erin L

I have had my manual Subaru Impreza for 4 months and with in the second week of having it I had to take it in for an oil sensor replacement. This happened to me 3 times before they figured out that my car was using more oil than normal. I had to have the short block replaced and new sensors put into the car. After 2000 miles my car was a quart and a half low on oil. I have had my car in the shop more than I have had it at home. Apparently this is something that a lot of Subaru's are having issues with. Be warned it is not normal for your Subaru to go through that much oil in that short of time, along with having the short block replaced on a new car. I do not recommend a new Subaru to anyone. When I asked if the problem would be solved once the short block was replaced I was answered with "We hope so, but it could potentially happen again." The car itself is great but the mechanical problems is not worth the cost of the car nor the time. I like to drive my car not have to take it in every 800 miles to check the oil or have a repair done.

Average Rating : 3


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