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not your casa ford logo 8/9/2015 sal

Bought it on 2013 had 7k on it,first thing cooling fans went out about a week after I got it had to wait for parts 3 weeks. Next the windows front, shudder when opening and squeal,have had regulators replaced but have had to return at least 5 times so they upgraded my warranty to 70 k because they can't find a solution to the windows. The brakes were recalled took them in replaced but still squeak, dealer said nothing they can do,now power steering has a recall, and before this, instrument panel at times turns off, trim panels on front windshield had to be replaced for noise ,but I still have a window squeal and shudder which there is no repairs for it yet,oh and now the inside door handles are on safety recall, I think ford has really earned it's name for "Fix Or Repair Daily"

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