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Nothing but disaster logo 3/28/2015 geo40

Do not buy that great looking and stylish piece of crap unless you are ready to shell thousands of dollars for repairs. 2009 CC Luxury. Yes, it has been a luxury you can't afford to own. VW should be ashamed for putting together such an unreliable vehicle. We bought it new in 2009. Now it has 70K miles. I also have a $7K dent in my wallet for repairs. Water pump failed. It takes half a day to have it replaced. The fuel pump and fuel pump module failed while driving and left me drifting with a dead engine in the middle of traffic. The ceiling lining is falling apart and it looks like as if I went thru a car wash with the windows open. Did I mention the failed latch for the trunk?

Favorite Feature : Style, performance

Suggested Improvement : Totally unreliable. Multiple systems failures at low miles. Very expensive repairs.

Average Rating : 2.375


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