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Nothing like it! logo 8/24/2015 Tina Yake

I have owned this car since 1990. You got it, it was brand spanking new. After 8 years, I gave it to my mom to use. I have since gotten it back, 24 yrs later. I had a mechanic look it over before driving it from California to Kansas. The only thing it needed was a new main relay, an ac charge and 4 new tires. For insurance sake, I had him replace the timing belt and water pump.The acceleration is just like when I first bought it. Handling is still smooth. All our mechanics told us that if there was a Honda model to own, it was that.I own a 1996 Accord and a 2006 Odyssey and both vehicles, cosmetically suck. We have had more issues with the newer models than my 1990 Accord.

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