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#Knewbetter on 09 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT 4.0L logo 7/6/2016 FirstSgt

Bought used 2009 only a few months ago with less than 100K; looks great, but not reliable. Has developed a serious electrical problem, besides three EGR valves in three months also (OEM Chrsyler part, mucho $$, MUST be used in EGR replacement); had the WIN Fob Chrysler recall work completed shortly after purchase also and since then vehicle has had difficulty starting; has stranded my wife more times than I can count in past few months. Replaced the battery and starter, didn't help. No one knows what it is and I refuse to replace TIPM while "fishing" for electrical problems. Blogs seem to point towards Neutral Safety Switch, but its "fishing" again. Fishing becomes expensive when Chrsyler can't pinpoint its electrical problems. Sometimes it will start if you shift to Neutral, sometimes it won't. Van looks great, but it is not reliable for family transportation certainly. 2nd Row Sliding Door wiring harness recall was ineffective, have wiring frayed and broken and a sliding door that no longer opens or windows the rolls up or down with Fob. Radio is now locking up and turning itself off and on. Think twice before biting... price might be affordable for a reason because your going to make your local mechanic very happy with all the service you'll give him. Had a 99 Dodge Caravan and drove it for 5 years with no problems, loved it; this one, not so much. Look elsewhere unless you are a mechanic or have a good friend who is a mechanic. I tried to save money in this purchase, I've not and now it has become a burden; the question every trip is, will we make it to our appointment on time or even at all? Its been an emotional roller coaster not knowing when its going to start or not and of course, each time it gets to service via TOW... it starts. I think there might be a Gremlin in their electrical system. Stay clear unless you have time and money to waste, your salesman doesn't have to drive it everywhere, you do and with your kids inside too.

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