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NV200 logo 4/28/2016 LEON COLF

Although not the fastest van off the line, it has plenty of power and will reach highway speeds long before you get to the end of the on ramp. The cargo space has been enough for all the tools and equipment I have had to carry in my handyman jobs. Ride is to the plus side of OK and turning into tight spots has been a breeze. Visibility for changing lanes lacks, but the blind spot mirrors on each side help a lot, so learning to drive it is in order. The instrument panel is set up nicely and the steering wheel controls are easy and accessible. After the first thousand miles the gas mileage has been above the sticker of 24 and 25, getting 27.5 around town and 30 on the road even with some weight in the back. Overall I have been very happy with it and it has actually gone over my expectations for it. I test drove the Ford version and was not as impressed.

Average Rating : 5


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