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Odd trade-offs logo 7/18/2015

I rented this car while on vacation so I don't have long-term data. I do have strong impressions after driving it for a week and several hundred miles.I like the exterior styling a lot. Contemporary, clean.The interior was roomy, with nooks and crannies used for storage.The entertainment system could be maddening. There is perhaps some options that I did not discover, but plugging in an iPhone always seemed start playing iTunes immediately. Not expected. On top of this, the USB connected iPhone would sometimes stop playing a song for no apparent reason. Audio playback of Google maps was sometimes garbled.The touch screen controls are slow to respond. The bluetooth pairing was fine and calls could be easily controlled.There seems to be something seriously wrong with the climate control system in the car I had. When the AC would come on there was a noticeable jolt in the car. Don't know how this got by their QA team! Add to that the temperature controls seems very finicky, with an increment cooler or hotter making far to great a difference in temperature. No dual controls for front passengers. Be prepared to negotiate cabin comfort with your passenger.Despite the full screen in the front, there was no on-board navigation system. An odd omission for an otherwise well equipped car. Well, except for the other lack of electric seat controls.Cruise control was flawless. Headlights bright, and windshield washers worked great. Consumer reviews of Jeeps tend towards the negative, as do reliability reports. This is quite disappointing for a brand that is an American icon. If I win this car in a raffle or someone give it to me, I'd probably keep it. But as for buying one, not likely.

Average Rating : 4


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