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Of all 3 generations, this is the best yet. logo 4/6/2017 Austin From West Virginia

As someone who's owned all 3 generations of Prius, it amazes me how much they improve with every model. August 24th, I drove to Columbus where I traded in my 2015 Prius that had 14,XXX miles for a new 2016 Gen.IV Prius. I got a great deal, and my payment didn't go up much. (+$6 a month, but my interest went from 3% to 0%!) My 2015 held its value well and was still in showroom condition. Lifetime MPG was 51, not bad.I chose the Hypersonic red Gen.IV Prius, the color was an extra $500 or something. Supposed to be a new type of paint that highlights the different curves and hue of the body. It really stands out! I had to order it and wait a couple weeks for it to arrive, I got to be updated on the shipping process which was cool. ODO had 1 mile when I left the lot.So over the 5,400 miles since August, what's my MPG? 54.4. It's been staying around there since the weather has gotten colder. The automatic grille shutters work well at keeping the engine warm on cold days too. The engine shuts down so quickly now and stays off longer. Top electric-only speed I recorded is 74 mph, after that; the EV icon goes away and the engine softly starts. I found the new Prius will often switch to EV, even at 65 mph, and stay there for a mile or so. Can't feel a thing. This Prius is a whole different animal.The new double wishbone rear suspension setup makes this thing handle much better than the old model. The old model already rode nicely, but this one is so much more refined. Cracked roads and bumps are so soft now. AMCI, the private testing company, recently certified that the new Prius actually has better smooth & rough-road ride quality at 55 mph than a 2016 Mercedes CLA250 which is cool. They also certified that it had better slalom and handling performance (in the touring grade Prius) than a 2016 BMW 528i sedan.Noise-wise, it's much quieter inside than before. Even the doors sometimes don't close al the way when you shut them because it's so air-tight. & they sound more solid when they close. Not hollow or tinny. It's also riding on the new TNGA platform that increases body rigidity by 60% over the old model. I can tell, it just feels like a solid car. Even when I floor it, you can hardly hear the engine revving. Apparently, the new structure cancels engine noise at a specific frequency. It works awesome, even at high-speeds. Put the pedal to the floor and you'll hear a soft growl with hardly any vibration.The standard Bi-LED headlights are the best headlights I've had in a car. They are so bright, and illuminate awesome, even the sides of the road are lit up. I also like the trunk is larger... 25 cubic feet now compared to 21 in the old model.. interior is roomier feeling too. The EPA rates Prius as mid-sized, it has 117.7 cubic feet of interior room, which I just found out is only 0.4 cubic feet less than a Camry! And the Camry only has a 15.4 cubic foot trunk!Mods so far are just a 3M clear bra I had installed right after I bought it. I also got the chrome rear bumper protector. I like to keep things stock and showroom looking. No real complaints yet. It's been 8 months and I still love it.

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