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Oh what high hopes I had for a GM vehicle logo 9/1/2015 John S

So this is my first delve into buying a GM vehicle for about 15 years. But it probably will be the last one I will ever buy. My wife and I thought we were buying a good used 2011 Cruze LTZ. Only had 29,000 on it and looked great! Oh but how looks can fool you, turbo went out a month into ownership, how does a turbo fail with 29,000 miles? OK well then we think OK fluke right. No, then a few thousand miles later water pump leaking. OK, well maybe another fluke. No, water pump replaced 15,000 miles ago?? What? A water pump that lasts 15,000 miles? So these two engine parts should last well beyond what they have and obviously being on third water pump in 34,000 miles does not seem to indicate GM has done anything to actually fix this problem. Guess every third oil change I need to replace water pump? The car drives fine, but the 18" low profile tires are expensive to replace, why you would put 168 MPH rated tires on a econobox car I'll never figure out? Then you have the questionable turbo issues, oil sludge potential, I have seen these engines with less then 50,000 miles have total engine failure due to oil lubrication issues. Now you have the reduced value of the car because these issues are getting worse. I would not recommend this car to anyone at this point from my 4 months of ownership. If you do have one, make sure to change the oil, use synthetic if you want the engine to last to 100,000 miles, watch coolant levels, burn better gas for improved MPG and don't expect GM to do anything about these issues.

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