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Oil Consumption Issues logo 7/6/2016 Bryan

Our Subaru Forester is having reoccurring oil consumption issues – the oil light comes on well before the manufacture recommended oil change interval. We started our first oil consumption test this past spring, coming into our dealership every 1500 miles for a total of 5 times. The test resulted in limited work on our vehicle. Once the final test came and went we were told there was nothing the dealership could do and we were sent on our way. It’s been a few months and about 3,500 miles since the dealership sent us on our way and the oil light has come on again. So we’ve brought the Forester back to the dealership who is recommending that we start the oil consumption tests over. This is our first Subaru purchase and it’s starting to look like our last because of the amazing inconvenience to my family. It’s difficult for my family to travel to a dealership every 1500 miles to have the oil topped off, and if the dealership/Subaru won’t take steps to fix the root cause we’ll be selling our Forester and moving on to a new brand.

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