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Oil today and gone tomorrow! logo 4/30/2016 Tonya Stafford

I have had oil consumption issues since about year one. I have owned it 8 years and have complained continually about the oil consumption issues. It uses a quart by 1300 miles after an oil change and another quart at 1100 more. I have driven it until it wouldn't crank only to discover there was no visible oil on the dip stick. I had the oil consumption test and qualified, waited almost a year on a waiting list to find out by accident that it was not documented correctly. I recently qualified again and am now waiting for the necessary parts which could take some time to come in. Seriously, my engine might be shot by then. Not sure I'll buy another Toyota, after all, this is the same car that caused me to almost crash as my gas peddle got stuck and drove me through main street at about 65 mph! Toyota should be better than this. Other than those two major problems, the car has been pretty good. My husband's Toyota Tundra is 14 years old and has 200,000 miles with no problems yet and we bought it new. Toyota might have slipped on quality where it mattered during the years my car was made.I traded this car in September of 2016. Toyota had still not managed to get the parts to fix my car's oil consumption problems. It had a sticky dash that was on recall and I was just less than 200 down on the list to get it fixed. It had 123,000 miles on it. I just could not deal with the issues anymore. I did not replace it with a Toyota.

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