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OK car, but wouldn't by it again. logo 8/12/2015 Dave

Have had my 2015 Rogue SL for 7 months now. It’s not a bad car, but I wouldn't buy it again, especially until some issues were resolved. Averaging only about 24.5 MPG, which is disappointing as I drive the turnpike to and from work for 70% of my miles - so it should be better. In the cargo area it seem things like groceries are always sliding around on the carpeted flooring, the adjustable storage configuration hasn't proved any use yet, the area below "floor" isn't deep enough to hold much of anything. It's been too small to hold folding chairs to take to kids sporting events. It would be better to just have a well and some non-skid material on the bottom.One of the biggest functional problems I have is with the power lift gate in the SL model. Put your gear in the trunk, press the button to close the gate, and hop in and start the car. If the lift gate hasn't finished closing, and it usually isn't because it's fairly slow, it will stop and not close any further. Additionally, the button to operate the power lift gate on the dashboard won't function anymore to complete closing the lift gate, or open it. It's stuck! And you have to get out and manually close it. Seems to defeat the purpose of having a power lift gate. Annoying when you forget to wait for it to close, which happens every week. Honda figured out how to make it work in 2010. I wish Nissan would address that, but they said it's designed to work that way. Really? They really need to do some research if they think their customers who will spend the money for a power lift gate think it should make you get out and close it manually. So don't pay up for that feature if that's big on your wish list.

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