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OK truck but beware of the 5.0 engine logo 4/22/2015 f150nottafan

Just my opinion from my experience,I have 29K miles on my 2012 F150 XLT 4X4 Super Crew 5.0 and so far am not impressed with the quality. Between the wind noise, rattles, engine ticking,and knocking along with oil consumption issues there is no way in the world I would do the F150 5.0 over again. Google 5.0 Coyote knocking or ticking.And check out any Ford truck and F150 forums online and look it up even the Mustang forums are lit up with concerns and complaints about the new 5.0's. I been wanting to get a F150 for a long time but now that Im here Im going back to a Tundra as soon as I can. Again this is just my personal opinion/experience.

Favorite Feature : Looks/Style

Suggested Improvement : Fire the heads of 5.0 engineering dept. You had a chance to knock it out of the park with the new line of engines but failed again. With Fords engineering platform there is no excuse for the issues people are having. Knocking and loud ticking is not something to strive for when designing engines, and should never even exist with your present technology. Im new to Ford trucks and I can tell you I dont think Id ever buy another. The quality just doesnt seem to be there, especially in the drive train. Engine noises should be a priority.

Average Rating : 3.25


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