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Old Reliable logo 7/7/2016 Bob Lewis

I've owned this truck since 2005. She's old, rusty and reliable. I had considered purchase of a newer unit, but the prices convinced me to give the truck a facelift. My down-rating of the interior storage is due to the fact that there are no cup holders, no console box and my glove box door latch has broken, which I will fix during my facelift project. Right after buying the truck, I installed an ALPINE after-market receiver. I have noticed that there is a "sneaky little truck monster" that takes everything that I lay on the seat bottom and moves it to somewhere that is is always difficult to find or retrieve. The truck still gets about 17 MPG and for the difference in the cost of operating this one and purchasing something newer, I can afford to buy much fuel and keep it, as long as parts can be had. Bottom Line: She's A Keeper.

Average Rating : 5


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