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OMG What have I done! logo 7/18/2015 Dawn B

I have had my Rogue for 2 weeks! It has been in the shop twice and I have to bring it in again and leave it for a day and a half.2 days after buying it the AC died and turned into heat that still came through the vents when off and this was during a heat wave! Then the tire function light came on, then the rattle under the driver side when I start it. Called the dealership, brought it in. (I live over an hour away- my stupidity) The tech came out after 2 hours of waiting to tell me they figured out what was wrong but the parts wouldn't be in for a couple days. Now there is another noise from the CVT, it hesitates on acceleration and is wheezing. Thank God my husband is paranoid and we bought the extra coverage.So what do we do? Haven't even made a payment yet! I am disabled and we traded my Rav for the Rogue~ I drive to PT twice a week, an hour each way. I need a dependable vehicle that im not going to get heatstroke in while driving. I live in Mass so I have the Lemon law on my side to a point. I'm going through all the complaints, making a list, checking recalls, making sure they have been taken care of against my vehicle. When I go in to drop it off I will be armed with all this info and just may demand another vehicle. I should of checked here before shopping, I'm so P/O'd!

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