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On my second one! logo 4/26/2016 Gary S

I leased a 2013 Titanium Fusion Energi mostly due to the fuel economy when gas prices were higher. In spite of a large number of recalls and one significant engine failure, I was pleased with the cars performance. The dealership made sure that I always had a loaner and it never cost a cent for repairs. Unfortunately my driving habits often took me outside the 20 mile range, but over the course of 3 years, I averaged about 64 mpg overall - not too bad whatever the fuel cost. I have some very "green minded" children, so the plug in hybrid kept me in their good graces. The only downside for me was the small trunk that would not even hold a set of golf clubs. I got used to using the back seat which is ok when you get used to it. The interior is a bit tight but very comfortable. I do not like the Ford Sync, but I do not use a whole lot of technology while driving anyway. In spite of the few negatives, when my lease came up, I opted for another Fusion Energi, this time a nice metallic white 2016 Energi Luxury SE with most all of the options. I would have bought out the 2013 car, but the residual value was way too high. The new lease has a much better buy out number when the lease expires. Over $10,000 in rebates made the price acceptable so I am very pleased to keep plugging in every time I pull in my driveway. I am a very pleased Energi driver!!

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