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Once was just not enough logo 7/4/2016 D.E.Light

Bought a new SRT Magnum for my own retirement gift in 2007. Simply loved it but eventually sold it to a friend's son who kept bugging me for it (for 3 years). After that I owned 2 Chargers, 1 R/T, 1 SRT and a Chrysler 300C. I really missed the wagon because of the versatility and nasty looks so when I was able to find the second wagon I grabbed it. Never have had any issues with any of these vehicles but then I take care of all the maintenance/repair myself so no one can mess them up. There is a HUGE difference between the 5.7 and 6.1 Hemi LX cars pretty much in all respects so for me it will always be the SRT. The 6.1 responds very well to small changes (tuning,exhaust,CAI) and kicks real butt when you also loose 150-200 lbs of weight from the car which is not that hard to do. Even with the 12 sec. 1/4 mile performance I get around 23mpg on 75mph trips. Best of both worlds and the darn thing is a wagon to boot! Kudo's to the SRT team. This gang has brought back the old day attitude and swagger we had in the 60's and early 70's. Chrysler leads and the others follow ( after complaining and trash talking about being beaten of course). Some things never change.

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