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One Fine Car !!!! logo 8/30/2015 David Craft

I do not get some of the reviews I am reading about the Lincoln MKZ.I have owned a lot of cars in my life and this car has me very excited for the first time in a long time.It is absolutely a work of art. I was a BMW FAN until now. My wife and I went to the BMW dealer to buy a 328i or a 528i and we test drove both and touched a felt everything about the car. We just were not that impressed. The 328i was just to small and cramped inside. The 528i was much better but just did not seem to be the quality interior we expected.So we went to our local Lincoln dealer and test drove the MKZ. Wow the interior was all upholstered and soft, the sleek design was very impressive and the ride was just what we were looking for.We got the technology package with ours and I highly recommend it. The ride in this car in comfort mode was absolutely luxurious. The car also has two other modes that are also impressive if you want a car that connects to the road and gives you the feel of a BMW. I like these options. There are so many features in this car I cannot even begin to tell you all of them.All I know is whether you own this car for one week or three years you will never get tired of it and you will be very proud to own it.I wish I had more time to write more about this car, however take it from this very happy owner you owe it to yourself to test drive this baby it is a head turner.

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