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One of the best cars I've ever owned logo 5/24/2015 richgunzusa

When I first purchased the car it was used, 2 years old, and already had a whopping 75K miles on it (but It only cost me $20,000 so it was a good deal). A few years later during a routine checkup I had to put $5,000 since the previous owner didnt take care of the car. Ever since that one time $5,000 work (replacing tires, breaks, etc) the car works like a dream. At 125K miles it still runs like a dream. I have been to over 25 states in it. This car handled the mountain roads of Vermont without breaking a sweat, never bogged down in New Mexican deserts, and traversed the shallow streams and rivers in Texas without any problems. No matter the terrain this car can outperform anything else.

Favorite Feature : The best thing about this car is its ability to traverse any terrain whether it is mountain roads, off road paths, even to cross a small river this car has done it all.Small routine touch ups (like replacing the oil regularly) kept this car problem free for years.The car is also strong. When my old chevy broke down this car towed it to scrap using nothing but rope. It also pulled down a small tree with brute force.Safety is also important. One time a car cut me off and in order to avoid hitting him I quickly veered onto the sidewalk. Besides a little scratch on my rims all was fine. Had it been a sedan the sidewalk would have ripped the bumper off but the ML350 is high off the ground

Suggested Improvement : The only 2 downsides with this car is as follows:Fuel economy: At 15MPG city and 17MPG highway the fuel economy is kinda terrible, especially when you have to tank in premium gas which currently sits at an extortionate $2.55 a gallon in my state. However using cruise control and quality gas (when I say quality gas I mean Mobil, Sunocco, etc not your "kwik e mart gas") I say my highway mileage improve to as much as 21MPG.Technology: As a young adult technology is important in my life. The lack of AUX and USB is kinda a pain in the butt but the 6 CD changer kinda makes up for it. The fact that the navigation requires a CD to work is a huge pain so I ended up just buying a GPS on Amazon

Average Rating : 4.75


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