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One of the WORST vehicles I ever owned logo 4/28/2016 Joe

As I write this, the truck is back in the repair shop AGAIN. Problem with the air conditioner freezing up...and in Georgia, the AC is a MUST. Have had the truck for 8 months. AC froze up last year and they replaced parts and thought it was repaired. But, this season we are back to the same problems as last year. We are also experiencing the same problems as others with the vehicle shuddering as you try to accelerate while already moving. Of course this is after you press down on the accelerator and nothing happens...until it downshifts and throws you back in your seat. Really not impressed with the gas mileage either. Small truck with 6 cyl should do better. Thought about trading it in on a full sized truck...Best offer is $6,000 less than we paid. If you really want a small truck, the interior and features are nice...but if you want performance GO BIG. We are extremely unhappy with the reliability of this vehicle.......UPDATE: We dumped this vehicle. Totally UNRELIABLE.

Average Rating : 3


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