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one problem after another logo 6/17/2015 ibali

Leased in Jan 2014Problems:Day 2: headlights needed to be adjusted, blinding on coming drivers.Week 2: back windshield replaced; major leakMonth 2: GPS/radio system changedMonth 6: Air bag light went on for the day; eventually fixed itselfMonth 6: All air system blocked; fan working but NO air coming out; fixed itself after 3 hours in temps > 90 degrees!Month 12: Shifter assembly brokenMonth 15: seat assembly broken (drivers side)Month 16: CVT transmission grinding; replaced whole transmissionNow: have no choice but to get extended warranty as approaching 40,000 miles!Reminds me of my old Kia, actually might be worse!

Favorite Feature : Very comfortable, plenty of interior space.

Suggested Improvement : Quality is [non-permissible content removed] poor. If I wanted an American car, I would have leased one!Compared to my Toyota and Suzuki, this car is BAD!

Average Rating : 3.75


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