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One week rental with a Sonata SE logo 7/14/2015 David Myers

We have a car in the shop, so I've been driving this for a week. I like it - maybe not enough to buy one in this configuration, but I do like the car very much. It's very quiet. It seems to be getting better than 25mpg in reasonably spirited driving. For a 180ish HP engine, I have not felt like there was not enough power at any time - even in the Eco mode of the transmission, which has three modes plus fully manual shifting (1 - 6th gear). The Bluetooth works well from the limited use it has gotten - it will read my text messages on my Windows 8.1 device - this is a HUGE plus for me. I am sorry that the XM trial has expired, I would've liked to judge the quality of the reception. Overall the radio is just OK - kind of 'tinny' and the radio display shows you the radio station (105.1 for example) and nothing else. Maybe XM provides more info, I couldn't test it...It seems really big inside, and it is very comfortable. I've been a fan of the trip computer with two trip odometers, and all of the user-settable configurations for the lights, sounds, language, etc. Tire pressure info for all four tires is handy to have. I really appreciate the auto-off headlights, even in the lowest trim and I've just turned them on and forgot about them - the gauges are still perfectly legible with the headlights on all the time. I appreciated the holder for sunglasses, even in this base car. The Air Conditioning seems to be super effective too. If you unlock the car with the remote, and don't open a door within 90 seconds or so, the doors lock again - I like that. Big trunk, lots of space. The back seats fold down too, but I haven't played with those at all. The rear doors open way up - great for access, and potentially an easy in/out for a kid in a car seat, but I didn't install one while I had it. What didn't I like? The looks are a bit too angular for me, I liked the way the previous model looked. The radio was marginal. The base sedan must have cheap tires, because this rental with only 21K on the clock already had mis-matched tires on it. No compass in this model, that's a bummer. I would really like fully automatic headlights, but that was not a reality in this model. Overall, I think that this is an honest competitor for the Camry's, Altima's and Accord's of the world. I'm glad that I rented one for a week, and if this is seriously on your shopping list, I think that maybe you'd be wise to do the same, and see if you like it as much as I did.

Average Rating : 4


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