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One year later, and still zooming logo 2/28/2015 johnny2003

Our GT is our third Mazda. We left Honda years ago for better styling and value and haven't looked back. Our liquid silver with black leather is a looker. Still after one year, people stop me all the time wanting to know what kind of car it is. People have guessed Lexus, Jag, and Infiniti. I just love the car, it is my daily driver. Still puts a smile on my face every time I open the door and push the start button. No, the navigation is not perfect, but are any of them? No the screen is not too small, I'm two feet from it. I don't need a flat screen on my dash. Radar cruise is COOL! Lots of features that many cars don't have for only $30K. What's not to like?

Favorite Feature : Radar cruise. Its nice to set it and let the car gage the distance. Very helpful when in rains all the time in Louisiana.

Suggested Improvement : I wish the navigation was better, but again are any of them. Wish the GT had standard rear parking sensors.

Average Rating : 5


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