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only put about 130 miles on so far logo 9/7/2015 Sambo

ok I have been to about 60 dealerships in multiple states for over 2 years shopping and test driving everything in this segment many times, I am very picky, I wish I could take the best things I like and morph them together so I waited and waited for this car to come out and see if I liked it. I had no interest in the old Tucson and the new Santa Fe was of big interest to me but I felt it was overpriced with the added features......I really do like this suv so far, the one thing I think that is overlooked by the "professionals" that test drive this suv is this suv has 195 pounds of torque at ONLY 1500 rpms and that is sustained until 4500 rpms..... I used to drive a Santa fe and I still cannot get used to the power the turbo Tucson has.....I have whip lash pulling out of stop signs. For a SUV/CUV its kind of a smaller lighter one with a high torque rating....I have to drive in ECO mode to try to acclimate myself....I think I would have already killed myself if it had more power - I cannot find an accurate 0-60 yet anywhere- those published are being confused with the 2.0 engine.... I think the "professionals" that do the test drives are so diluted with the massive range of cars trucks SUV's etc that they drive they loose the ability to fine tune what matters to the specific group of people into this type of car.......Also there is a lot of room in the front seat - seems to have endless adjustment to it - I am a huge guy 6'3 and 250 pounds and just to feel like the Santa fe I have to have the seat upwards, I will slowly adjust this back as I get used to the car.....Also no one wants to discuss the arguments about the 19 inch wheels adding a little to the ground clearance - an engineer showed me this huge equation that in the end said it added 1.45 inches........who knows....But I am impressed with the power, I thought it was slightly bigger and more powerful that the CX-5 and handled just as good maybe better off regular roads...... remember I am not a car driver I have drivin the Santa fe for several years previously.... The Nissan rougue: I liked the looks of but did not handle well for me at all the new redesign was a little better but still not good enough (felt like I would flip it around bends). The Rav 4, Honda CRV, and Escape seemed kind of boring and handling was average or below for me and I am also annoyed by both the inside and outside of the Honda CRV and everyone's infatuation with it because the "professionals" are in love with it and it wins awards.......However the Subaru had superior feeling on handling - I came close to buying it - but I could not live with the square shape and boring colors even with the new redesign.... to each his own, I will give updates as I drive the car more....

Average Rating : 5


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