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Only this could pry Mom away from her Sienna logo 6/17/2016 Hate Toyota Stories

My wife loved her Sienna. Me personally, I hated it but nothing ever broke except the automatic door shutter. I can live with one thing broken on a 100k van used for a day care. Anyway, I just didn't like it. We sold it when we went overseas. When we moved back to the states I got her to buy a Mazda5 for the fuel mileage. Worked fine while we had 2 kids but when we had a 3rd kid it become close to worthless. There's just no room in it. Not only that, I had to put up with the constant drone of hearing how great the Sienna was. "The Sienna could do this and that and that better.... blah, blah, blah..." It was like listening to fish stories. The inside got bigger and it got even better gas mileage every time she talked about it. So, we went to look for a minivan. I was thinking Odyssey, she was insisting on Sienna. On a whim we went to go look at a T&C, friend has the Dodge version and swears by it. So off we go after looking at the Hondas and Toyotas all day. And there it was. I guess the dealer just got them in. Never even knew what the Pacifica was. Hadn't seen a commercial for it and I don't exactly look for vans or really even care. Looked at a Limited. Wife loved the sunroofs. And the seats. And the storage. And pretty much everything about it. Nice test drive. Rode good, very quiet.Went home that night and talked about our choices. She was dead set on the Pacifica. I about fell out of my chair. After 7 years of listening to the Toyota hype she swapped brands. 2 weeks later I'm still shaking my head.Anyway, we had them find what we wanted in the color we wanted. Took them a day to have it transported to us. We just wanted the safety package with the adaptive cruise and the tow package (and 220amp alternator). I put 10 inch TV/DVD players in myself for $300 vs buying the entertainment package for $999. We've only racked up 1000 miles but I actually love driving it. It really is a great van and very well thought out. It actually does get 28-29 on the highway at 70mph. Didn't expect that. And it is very quiet. Very nice van and we're both really happy. Looking forward to taking a trip in it. Haven't heard a single damn Toyota fish story since we bought it.

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