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Opinion not changed on MB reputation logo 9/5/2015 rockinrn

This is a follow up review to my previous E350 review. I just took the car on a short trip to Sedona Arizona and I have to say that the road noise in the cabin was considerable. Over moderately coarse pavement the tires roared so much it gave me a headache. I am very disappointed in the amount of road noise that exists in $60,000 automobile with only 7,500 miles on it. I don't think Mercedes Benz products are what they used to be. Buyer beware.Opinion not changed. Road noise is still excessive. The front seats are uncomfortable. More rattles have developed. The front bumper and the attached chrome wing at the bottom are very susceptible to rock chips. Also, the interior high gloss black ash wood trim may as well be plastic it is so full of scratches and swirls and I am extremely carefull to wipe fingerprints off with a very soft cloth. I can't wait to get rid of this vehicle; however, E350's have not held their value and I am considerably underwater. Again, buyer beware!

Average Rating : 3


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